NEPTUNO | Luxury villa, Punta del Este, Uruguay


Other than exploring the delightfully landscaped grounds of Neptuno, there are many things to do nearby.

These are some of the highlights.

Beach Punta BallenaUnspoilt Beaches

The famous Lussich Arboretum, covering 470 acres has more than 400 exotic species, including some 70 Uruguayan species.

The famous Uruguayan artist Carlos Paez Villaro, built this Mediterranean house at Punta Ballena. Originally was his house and studio, actually includes a museum, an art gallery, and a hotel.

It was the permanent resident of the artist , where he worked up to his last days.

It is well worth a visit, especially for sunset.


Founded in 1890, Piriapolis was the first Uruguay seaside resort. 30 km away, passing through the picturesque villages of Piedra Colorada and Punta Negra along the coastal road. There are Area View of Solanas sunsetsome outstanding fish markets here.


Known as the route of the vineyards, you can visit many of them by booking in advance. This is a beautiful drive and well worth a visit is the small village of Eden, known for the restaurant Vaimaca. This specialises in traditional recipes cooked in a typical clay oven.

Punta Del Este

A bustling town 20 km away from Neptuno, if you want to try your luck in the casino or enjoy the port area with many elegant restaurants.

La Barra

7 km up north from Punta del Este , you find this small fashion village in the river mouth of Arroyo Maldonado, a great beach for surfing and wind surf.

Jose Ignacio

A 50 minutes drive by road 9 will take you to this charming village, originally populated by fishermen, it has become incredibly popular amongst the fashionable crowd. There are many well known restaurants, like La Huella, boutiques and many lovely houses.

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